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Semi-humid Feed for Lamb Dogs - Regular kibble


Discover the recipe for semi-moist feed for lamb dogs! A different way to feed them with regular size croquettes.

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Semi-humid Feed for Lamb Dogs - Regular kibble

El semi-moist food for dogs It is one of our favorite recipes. It is a natural product with croquettes that are more tender, tastier and more moisturizing than conventional dog food. The recipe of semi-moist food for dogs of lamb seeks to take your dog's diet into a slightly more natural realm.

If our furry ones followed their natural carnivorous diet, they would consume wet food. For example, when hunting prey. For this reason, in Retorn we have created the formulas Hydrodiet, recipes made with a high water content that improve the hydration and digestion of furry animals.

Discover the complete recipe!

The semi-moist feed for dogs stands out for being an innovative recipe with many benefits for the care of your pet:

  • A better digestion of your pet
  • Food engaging and for its taste and smell
  • Increased hydration of your pet
  • Joints reinforced by the Omega 3
  • The solution for doggies"delicate" with the food
Composition:: Lamb’s fresh meat (30%), rice (25%), dehydrate lamb’s meat (20%), chicken’s fats (8%), peas, potatoes, dehydrated beet pulp, linseed, hydrolyzed liver, yeast, salt, fructo-oligosaccarides (FOS 0,2%), seaweeds meal (0,15%), Yeast product (MOS 0,1%), Mojave Yucca (0,018%).

Additives (per kg): Vitamin A 17500 IU, Vitamin D3 1200 IU, Vitamin E (t.r.alfa toc.Acet.) 150 mg, Cupric Sulphate Pentahydrate 54 mg, Ferrous Carbonate 71 mg, Manganous Oxide 87 mg, Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 180 mg, Potassium Iodide 3,37 mg, Sodium Selenite 14 mg.

Analytical Components: Moisture 18%, Crude protein 23%, Crude Fat 15%, Crude ash 7,9%, Crude fibers 2,3%

Metabolizable Energy:3450 Kcal / Kg.

Is it the first time you feed your pet with Retorn?

We recommend that you gradually introduce the current food mixed with the semi-moist food for dogs de Retorn in a transition period of 7-14 days.

In this way we allow the animal's digestive system to progressively adapt to Retorn.


Semi-moist feed

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews

My dog ​​Fiona is going to be 11 years old, and although she eats very well, we wanted her not to have to make any effort to chew, so we opted for the semi-moist Retorn lamb. The regular croquette is a bit big but it is eaten more slowly than before, which she gobbled down without chewing. So she delighted and we more!

Mercedes Lazaro Hernandez
open sacks

Last month a bag came broken, I didn't say anything in case it was something punctual, but this month another one came and all the feed was thrown in the box.

Hello Mercedes! First of all thank you for your comment. Thanks to you we have been able to review this incident and check that all the bags are properly sealed so that it does not happen again. We hope to continue counting on you in our family!

Alejandro Portillo Romero
Very good!

My 10-year-old dog, who was fed up with feed, had to manage daily to make her eat, with this feed she eats her entire ration. She makes good poops, solid and always the same, and I am very happy, very fast and good service.

It is an expensive feed, but the quality is noticeable.

To put a but, the hermetic closure, could be from another system, for example zipper.
And that 50% are cereals.

Happy, for now I'm still with him.

Juan Antonio G.
Semi-moist I think for Dogs of Lamb - Regular croquette.

Good morning,
Laky eats the feed very well, easier to chew and makes the poop softer.

Carme Esquerdo Mansanet

Els pleases molt i els hi senta molt bé! S'ho mengen com si fossin xuxes! Thank you very much!

Borja Alvarez Fernandez
The size

I think there is a lot of difference between the size of the regular kibble and the other, it would be nice if there was a medium size because my dog ​​finds it heavy at the end.

Marcelino gonzalez
Excellent I think.

It stands out for its great palatability.

Angeles Gutierrez Galmes
My fault. The croquettes are too big.

I think he likes but they are too big. I have to change my type of feed.

Carles ortuño

Li loves it, it is note that it is of quality.

Marc Vilar Mora

From moment molt content with the pinso. Salut

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