Retorn Puppy Club

Join the Club and get your Free Puppy Pack

New member in the family? Get your Welcome Puppy Pack as a gift and a special discount on all natural puppy food products

Welcome Puppy Pack free and personal discount

Just for being a member of the Retorn Puppy Club you will receive a free welcome pack for you and your puppy, in addition to enjoying special prices and nutritional advice

Special puppies guide

Receive an exclusive guide designed by our experts to help you in the first steps with your puppy through practical advice on food and education.

1,5kg of Natural Salmon Feed Puppy

As part of the welcome to Retorn we will send you a package of 1,5kg of our Food with Norwegian Salmon special for puppies. Valued at € 14,95.

Bio Snack, cans and measuring cup

We know that you will need them, so we also give you a Retorn Rub Bio Snack, a measuring cup and two cans so that you can put the nutrition and education advice into practice.

20% Discount on puppy products

As a member of the Puppy Retorn Club you will have a personal discount on all purchases of products for puppies.

Retorn philosophy


The nutritional needs of a puppy are different from those of an adult dog. For this reason we prepare recipes tailored to your nutritional needs with natural ingredients.

Photography: A woman enjoying her puppies. Around 1940 Everett Collection

Why choose Retorn for your Puppy?


We seek quality with natural ingredients with elaborate diets no added preservatives, colorings or flavorings

Cereal Free

Free of gluten, barley, wheat, corn or soy. We use peas and sweet potatoes that help maintain the blood sugar level.  

Salmon from the Norwegian Fjords

Very digestible and with a high content of Marine Omega-3 (EPA + DHA) which provides great benefits for the health of the puppy.

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