About Retorn

We believe that things can be done differently

We strive to be better today than we were yesterday

Retorn is born from a long experience in the sector and has the objective of offering a new value proposition in pet food.


We care about the impact we leave on the environment in which we live. We are currently working on introducing Biodegradable packaging for the new product lines.


We are explorers by nature. We always have new ideas in mind. We are introducing probiotics in our product lines and testing the use of game meats to achieve much tastier recipes.

Our philosophy

Reducing costs isn't the goal: our systems and processes are created to do exactly what we want them to do.


Behind Retorn is a team of people who work every day to provide the very best for you and your pet. We care about every single thing that goes into our products.

Joan Pocurull

The essence
Joan is the essence and spirit of Retorn. He represents and transmits each and every one of our brand values. His experience has turned a small dream into an innovative, enthusiastic reality that makes pets happy every day.

Gal·la Alamá

Product development
The innovation
"If there's a problem, find Gal.la". She's literally the glue that keeps everything together. Each and every one of our products has been conceived with the charm and dedication of our Director of Development and Innovation.

Guillem Resin

Ecommerce and Online Marketing
Here and now
We live in a completely digital world, and we don't want to be left behind. Guillem is the 2.0 of Retorn, responsible for ensuring that our brand, our ideas and our values are just a click away.

Pedro Delgado

Director of Storage and Shipping
Want to know who's on the frontlines? It's Pedro! Everything that has to do with storage, logistics and order management passes through his hands. Oh, and most importantly: he's the one who ensures that your order reaches your home in perfect condition.

Laura Pocurull

Commercial manager
In every corner
If you go into a store and find Retorn it's thanks to her. She's in charge of making sure that our ideals, values and philosophy are focused on creating a product that our pets want to eat. And repeat!

Siqui Sánchez

The objective
Each of our products has a story behind it, and each story a good portrait. Siqui makes this possible and is unique in doing this. Through his objective he sees things that the rest of us can’t see. In short: a truly professional photographer.

We work with the best local suppliers while also searching far and wide for the most outstanding raw ingredients for our recipes, going to Norway, for example in search of the best salmon for our formulas.