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Much more than a toy

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Discover the Rub of the month!

Do you know the advantages of natural organic resin?

Rub cat and dog toys are made 100% with natural organic resinl.

The texture of the resin provides, unlike other brands, unique and beneficial features.

Your furry ones will enjoy the touch, elasticity, lightness and resistance of Rub toys. 

Get the Rub of the month at a 20% off.

Stimulates the reward instinct


Once they capture their prey, one of the most instinctive pleasures of our furry dogs is chewing.

The organic natural resin allows you to enjoy this phase of the hunt.

Refillable Dog Toys

We stimulate the reward instinct by filling our toys with the range of Snacks Enjoy

In addition, some of our Rubs are used to promote cleaning and care of teeth and gums.

Stimulates the instinct of persecution

To trow

We stimulate the instinct of pursuit and capture with the Rub specially designed for throwing.

It matches

100% organic cotton ropes used to throw and stretch after the catch.

Also for Cats

feline instinct

We have not forgotten the felines and the new Rub cat toys are intended to awaken all their natural instincts.

Shapes with unpredictable rebounds, toys with sound and fillable.

Fill them with Snacks

Develop your reward instinct

In the hunting process there is one final goal - to get the reward.

For this reason we believe that the complete Rub experience is obtained by filling it with our natural Snacks.