About Retorn products

You don't eat the same thing every day. Why should they?

There's another way to feed your pet. That's how.

Retorn has consistently focused on a new approach to pet food in order to offer a healthier, more natural, varied and balanced alternative.


We care about quality and as a small company we can pay special attention to everything that goes into our products.


All of our products are a 100% well-balanced food, that is, they contain all the protein and nutrients your pet needs. Which means that your pet will always be well-fed, no matter what flavors you choose.

Choose a natural and varied diet for your pet


Natural ingredients

Being a small company means that we can choose the best suppliers and the most outstanding natural raw ingredients for each of our recipes.


Animal protein is the main ingredient in the recipes we create at Retorn.


No Barley, no Wheat, Corn or Soy. With the exception of rice, which is easily digestible and we use it in some recipes for our pets.


Retorn's philosophy is "Return to the origin of the products" in order to achieve a product of the highest quality and without alterations.

with natural supplements

No added preservatives, colors or flavors. Unlike other brands, we incorporate natural supplements like rosemary and tea extract.

Omega 3

Like Salmon oil, it helps to maintain healthy skin, a shiny coat and to keep our pets' joints in good condition.

Healthy carbohydrates

In return we use healthy carbohydrates such as peas or sweet potatoes that help maintain blood sugar levels, prevent diabetes and help control animal weight.

With prebiotics and probiotics

Probiotics (lactobacillus casei and acidophilus) and Prebiotics (FOS and MOS), for digestive care and health.

Product Ranges

We offer several product ranges that you can combine to provide your pet with the most varied diet possible.

Natural food for dogs

Natural Food for cats