Welcome pack for Dogs Try it! - Return
Welcome pack for Dogs Try it!
Welcome pack for Dogs Try it!
Welcome pack for Dogs Try it!
Welcome pack for Dogs Try it!
Welcome pack for Dogs Try it!

Welcome pack for Dogs Try it!


Try our natural dry food for dogs together with two wet recipes in a can and an incredible snack for only €9,90 and with free shipping. You will notice the difference!

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Product Information

Welcome pack for Dogs Try it!

Do you want to try Return? We make it easy for you with this Trial pack with free shipping*!

Our welcome pack for dogs is ideal for you and your furry friend to discover and enjoy our natural food recipes. You will be able to know first-hand why Retorn is different and our way of doing things.

Our goal is to help you care for and pamper your dogs so that they can enjoy more of their day-to-day life in a more natural and healthy way. 

You will receive:

At Retorn we carefully prepare our recipes and select the best ingredients with our nutritionists and experts so that our dogs enjoy eating and grow healthy.

All our recipes of natural feed for dogs are balanced and complete, made with natural ingredients and created for superior nutrition. WITHOUT
 non-beneficial cereals, and WITHOUT additives or artificial colors or preservatives.

Check the specific nutritional information of each recipe in the sheets of each product.

Nutritional info Lamb recipe

Nutritional info Salmon recipe

Nutritional Info Chicken Recipe

Nutritional information Light recipe


Complete, natural and balanced recipes for dogs with a single source of animal protein: salmon, chicken or lamb, to help avoid allergies.

Our natural dog food recipes are tasty, highly digestible and provide everything the animal needs.

Besides a high in animal protein, vegetable fibers and healthy carbohydrates, our recipes incorporate complements that make a difference such as salmon oil, prebiotics, or chelated minerals higher absorption.

Featured Benefits:

- Better physical condition

- Encouragement in your day to day

- Improves intestinal transit

- Help to control the weight

- Healthy and shiny coat

- Reinforcement of the defenses and joints

- Hypoallergenic

- Helps reduce stool odor


If you are trying a change of diet, we recommend that you make a gradual change by mixing the current food with the new Retorn food in a 7-14 day transition period.

In this way, we allow your dog's digestive system to progressively adapt to Retorn and avoid sudden changes that can cause imbalances. 

You will find the indicative portion guide in a table in each product. You can also check it on their product pages:

See the Lamb feeding guide

See the Salmon feeding guide

See the chicken feeding guide

View the Light feeding guide

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Very complete

Very complete and my furry friend loves it

Victoria Rigual Valls
Great opportunity

Molt good pack that serveix so that our gossos puguin try the different products and to be able to triar in a future the ones that they most like. Thank you

carmelo alonso alvarez

Very good, he loved everything that came in the pack.

Highly recommended

My dog ​​loves everything he's tried! we are very satisfied with this brand

very well

My dog ​​is somewhat stubborn, not to say very stubborn, and very much hers with the sweets and the food, I eat this and not this, because the sweets, after a good sniffing, she said that bravo... And the I think, I am mixing it with the other one that I usually eat to get used to it and very well, you make them phenomenal, which is what always worries me...

Raquel Morales
I freak him out!!! 🐾😅

My dog ​​loved it!! We repeat again and it will be now if I think.
Thank you

maria gabriela araque rodriguez
Very good

We have tried the salmon welcome pack and it was very good, the dog liked it a lot.

Lourdes Estefani Pinto

Welcome pack for Dogs Try it!

Juan Martinez
Very good

excellent products and very good value for money

Alex Fernandez Buch

Everything perfect and the dog loves it!