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Ruby Dog Toy - Heavy Dity
Ruby Dog Toy - Heavy Dity
Ruby Dog Toy - Heavy Dity

Ruby Dog Toy - Heavy Dity


Rub is a dog toy made with Organic Natural Resin. It will make your dog enjoy hours of play and entertainment. Shaped shooter. Races +10 Kg.

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Product Information

Ruby Dog Toy - Heavy Dity

The domestic natural environment makes it difficult for your dog to stimulate his natural instinct, causing unwanted behavior. We can enrich your day to day with the natural Rub dog toy. 

Made with natural organic resin, coming directly from the tree, with a natural color, without any dye and no risk of poisoning by wear. 

The different forms of Rub pursue that your pet stays entertained at all times.

  • The Rub Heavy Dity dog ​​toy allows you to interact with your dog. 
  • Invite him to play "stretch and loosen up" You will enjoy Together!
  • You will enjoy chewing the end of the toy
  • The texture of the natural organic resin will be very stimulating
  • The quality of the resin makes it float in the water

Is it the first time you play with a Rub?

Discover the guide of uses

You can use it to train your pet, with the game of "push and pull". 

Try to give it to him at specific times, that he does not always have him at will. In this way we will get you to not lose interest. 

Important: Do not use a damaged or broken Rub to avoid intake. Not suitable for children. 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Elena González Manzanares
Perfect for Labradors

First motivator that does not break!

Nuria Labella
Good stuff, still a little big

I love the natural material!
In this case, I think the toy is too big for my dog ​​(a German shepherd) and she doesn't pay much attention to it. The dental ball and another of the refillable toys, he loves it!

Lorraine Ruiz
Very good product

My puppy had stomach problems because he ate the plastic toys. That's why I bought these and he likes them very much.

Sole Bezunartea Fernandez
👍🏻 Perfect

My puppy loves it, he entertains a lot
Good quality, it is a good toy, highly recommended.

My dog ​​loves it!

It is a toy that entertains my dog ​​a lot and he loves to play with it! It is ideal for weekend afternoons in the park

His favorite game

He likes it a lot, especially when we play tug-of-war ... then I throw it at him and he returns it to me ... But I had to show him of course ... I also bought him the crunchy from Retorn that are 100% organic pumpkin and I I am rewarded with that to pay attention to me ... as they do not get fat ... they have done very well to learn and have fun at the same time


Loves to throw


Pipe is playing with me

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