Rub Dog Toy - Floating Dental Ball - Retorn
Ruby Dog Toy - Floating Dental Ball
Ruby Dog Toy - Floating Dental Ball

Ruby Dog Toy - Floating Dental Ball


Rub is a dog toy made with Organic Natural Resin. It will make your dog enjoy hours of play and entertainment. Shaped ball with rope. Choose the size based on the weight of the dog.

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Product Information

Ruby Dog Toy - Floating Dental Ball

The domestic natural environment makes it difficult for your dog to stimulate his natural instinct, causing unwanted behavior. We can enrich your day to day with the natural Rub dog toy. 

Made with natural organic resin, coming directly from the tree, with a natural color, without any dye and no risk of poisoning by wear. 

The different forms of Rub pursue that your pet stays entertained at all times.

  • The ball with its rope allows you to interact with your dog. Launch it and have it returned. 
  • Its irregular shapes will cause insecurity in capture
  • You will enjoy chewing and trying to get your reward
  • The texture of the natural organic resin will be very stimulating
  • The quality of the resin makes it float in the water

Is it the first time you play with a Rub?

Discover the guide of uses

It is very important to choose the size proportional to the size of the dog's mouth. The size is decisive for a satisfactory experience. 

Floating Dental Ball is designed as a refillable dog toy, so that the reward experience is much more satisfying for the animal. You can enter between the teeth of the ball wet food o Awards that your puppy is attractive. 

The first few times it is important that you get the reward with relative ease. This way we avoid frustration!

You can also freeze it stuffed for a more fun experience or to relieve gums, in the case of puppies. 

Try to give it to him at specific times, that he does not always have him at will. In this way we will get you to not lose interest. 

Important: Do not use a damaged or broken Rub to avoid intake. Not suitable for children. 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Monica Fernandez Rubio
Fantastic 😊

They love!

Sofia N.
Best toy

My two dogs love this toy. It also helps them to have clean and healthy teeth! Very resistant

Belen Martinez Delgado
My gauge was not struck by it.

It is true that greyhounds are dogs that nobody played with in the life before adoption and now I will need a lot of effort to get it. It seems to me particularly a toy whose design is very successful.

Sergio Gonzalez-Viego
We love

Normally toys tend to last a day because it destroys them, with floating dental ball he loves to play and has no flaws we have a good time playing with it, I recommend it to everyone it is a great success

Nuria Labella
Ens love it !!

Ens love it !! In my opinion it is natural, the texture is good, it is not so hard with three piles that it has and the Lluna does not let it go! Li loves to play with her. Això yes, li hem tret la corda, the same because I did not have massa clar por a què serveix.

Naomi b.
He has a blast

The only flaw is that the black rope lasted 10 minutes: rolling_eyes :. It goes very well because he plays while brushing his teeth.

My dog ​​loves it

My dog ​​loves it

All right

At the moment well, we want to try it also in the water when the good weather comes

My dog's favorite toy!

My pet loves to bite the ball or grab it by the rope and move it non-stop. It is very entertaining!

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