Rub Dog Toy - Loop Treat - Retorn
Ruby Dog Toy - Loop Treat
Ruby Dog Toy - Loop Treat
Ruby Dog Toy - Loop Treat

Ruby Dog Toy - Loop Treat


Rub is a dog toy made with Organic Natural Resin. It will make your dog enjoy hours of play and entertainment. Irregularly shaped Recommended for dogs of all breeds, especially with anxiety to eat.

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Product Information

Ruby Dog Toy - Loop Treat

The domestic natural environment makes it difficult for your dog to stimulate his natural instinct, causing unwanted behavior. We can enrich your day to day with the natural Rub dog toy. 

Made with natural organic resin, coming directly from the tree, with a natural color, without any dye and no risk of poisoning by wear. 

The different forms of Rub pursue that your pet stays entertained at all times.

  • Loop Treat is designed for dogs with food anxiety
  • Its irregular shape allows you to gradually manage food intake
  • Your dog will sniff, chase, capture and chew the toy as in its natural environment
  • Its irregular shapes will cause insecurity in capture
  • You will enjoy chewing and trying to get your reward
  • The texture of the natural organic resin will be very stimulating
  • The quality of the resin makes it float in the water

Is it the first time you play with a Rub?

Discover the guide of uses

It is very important to choose the size proportional to the size of the dog's mouth. The size is decisive for a satisfactory experience. 

Rub is designed as a refillable dog toy, so that the reward experience is much more satisfying for the animal. You can fill it with wet food o Awards that your puppy is attractive. 

The first few times it is important that you get the reward with relative ease. This way we avoid frustration!

You can also freeze it stuffed for a more fun experience or to relieve gums, in the case of puppies. 

Try to give it to him at specific times, that he does not always have him at will. In this way we will get you to not lose interest. 

Important: Do not use a damaged or broken Rub to avoid intake. Not suitable for children. 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Dolores Martin Rodriguez

Hi, Luna really liked the feed and the toy is also doing very well for her, and she plays a lot with it.
I am very happy with the change!

Loves it

Ruffy, a 9-year-old beagle with separation anxiety. He needed a toy that he could distract himself with. He chews it like gum and loves it. For now he resists and food can be hidden from him. It's his favorite toy, the one he picks up when he's bored. Very happy. Also, since it is natural resin, I am not worried if he breaks it into little pieces and eats them (which has not happened yet).

Gem Carpio

Ruby Dog Toy - Loop Treat

Favorite toys

They do not break, it has a harder and softer part, they are made of natural resin and they love it!

Eva danvers

I have a 6 month old German Shepherd and now he is getting very destructive.

I bought this toy for him because it has little skewers, he loves things that stick out. He's been with it for a week, and despite being obsessed with all its different parts, he hasn't broken a skewer.

For me these toys are a success, especially this one and the cordless tube.

Joana garcia

Ruby Dog Toy - Loop Treat

Glory Ballesteros

At the moment my dogs like it, the important thing is that it is still whole, of course I do not leave it all the time, I use it only when we play. I think i will buy another

li love it

need that the mossegui sense menjar

Christine C.
Less resistant than the other model you have bought

My dog ​​likes it but he has managed to destroy a part, which was not possible with the shearing. But hey, he likes it and he has fun too :)

He loves it!

By having such an irregular shape, the capture is much more complicated! It is very fun to see my cove played with it, also having small holes the food does not escape when you throw the toy

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